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Countries comparison

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 "The little Coronavirus"
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Countries to be compared

Here you may choose the countreis you will work with and which curves will appear in the graphs.






Czech republic by regions



Reference country

Some graphs work with one exceptional country where all other countries are compared to. This country is called the reference country. The reference country is automatically added to the countries to be compared.

Time frame

Here, you may set the time frame to be visible in the graphs.

New cases

Lets start with the daily and weekly confirmed cases graph as a warm up. Now all drawn in a single graph:

And here you may see the same graphs, but rescaled to 100000 citizens:

And here you may see the same graphs again, but scaled to the same size:

R number estimation

This graph shows the estimates for the reproduction number R. It is based on a model, which is very similar to the simplified model used by the Czech Ministry of Health.