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The Little Coronavirus

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 "The Little Coronavirus"


This page tries to visualize the course of the Covid-19 spread from public sources using different kinds of graphs. The progress of the epidemy in different countries may be observed in graphs, where values for all countries are recorded in the same graph. Some observations can be made from this. Visit the countries comparison page to compare the epidemy spread in different countries.

A standalone page is dedicated to the data for the Czech Republic. You may find multiple graphs and values here not available for other countries.

Some interesting observations are mentioned in the results page. Some of the conclusions may be surprising. Some conclusions were made in the time of the first wave of epidemy (March to June 2020). Further development of the epidemy brought new views on the conclusions, however they are still being relevant.

The methodology of some non-standard approaches is described in the standalone methodological notes.

Controling the application

The base of the whole application is showing a number of various graphs. They may be a bit confusing in the basic view. The graphs are however interactive and they have some functions, which are making the view on the data much more clear:

On some of the pages it is possible to choose some settings. It is possible to choose countries, which will be displayed in the graphs and it is possible to choose the time period, which will be shown in the graphs. According to the page type, the availability of settings may differ. The settings may be changed by clicking on the link "settings" in the top part of the page. The application remembers the setting for your next visits.

Data sources

All data are generated from these sources:

Cached sources: Dynamic sources: testing page